Shaping tender carbide

Special sinuous PCD Mill
Shaping tender carbide

This bespoke milling cutter was designed with PCD cutting edges (sharpened laser-style), precisely for a specific form of processing on “soft”carbide. The traditional, previous production process was quickly forgotten, when the production manager during tests observed the reduction in production time: less 90%!

In addition to this clear advantage, better product quality and performance of the whole process were both achieved. PCD cutting allows also multiple re-sharpening of the tool, which is therefore very economical at the end: the Production Manager had only to simply compare the price of the new PCD Milling cutter with all previous equipments costs, previous costs due to down time for changing tool, and all the bigger production time costs. And finally he stated in his report to CEO, that CRM “Sinuous” PCD Milling cutter was really advantageous.

Numbers matter.

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