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    Special tools for chip removal machining – ISO9001
Pull Threading

The processing cycle involved turning parts onto which a thread was subsequently to be made. The work pieces were manipulated, turning them upside down; so why not rethink the cycle and skip this step, which caused a waste of time and an increase in production costs?

To do this, we have designed a special tool capable of performing threading in pull. On the came back way after the first processing. The production times (and costs) have been significantly reduced: and the savings, multiplied by the considerable number of pieces to be executed, produced a remarkable, qualitative leap in the machining.

And a faster delivery, which freed up the tool machine for further processing, increasing its overall productivity. Progressively, the customer requested this application to manage all the threads needed in its production cycles.

“DIFFERENT: per fare la differenza”.Since more over 30 years C.R.M. di Mazzoccato Arturo & Figli s.r.l. from its only site in Fino Mornasco offers special tools, to better meet the needs of customers operating in chip removal machining in sectors where competitiveness is fundamental.

The effect of these special tools on production costs is shown in this visual scheme, or choose to experience it yourself, by filling out the Contact form to request more information or an offer.

“DIFFERENT: to make the difference”.

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