C.R.M. di Mazzoccato Arturo e Figli Srl

    Special tools for chip removal machining – ISO9001

Resharpening and Regeneration

Giving tools a new life

C.R.M. di Mazzoccato offers a service of sharpening and resharpening of PCD and PCBN inserts and tools cutting edge using laser technology.

Laser processing creates cutting edges with minimum radius, eliminating chipping and tool wear at the same time: the cutting edge is therefore homogenous, compact and chip-free even at 400 magnifications.

The yield of laser-processed PCD and PCBN cutting edges is clearly better compared to the one made with traditional diamond grinding wheels.

C.R.M. di Mazzoccato is also able to regenerate PCD / CBN profiled tools by replacing worn inserts and recreating the original profiles.

This process gives advantages in all cases, either the tool body is integral carbide or dedicated.

The quality of the cutting edges obtained and the geometries we can create will be identical to the original tool.

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