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    Special tools for chip removal machining – ISO9001

Machining difficult materials

Machining difficult materials PCD inserts profiled and laser sharpened Exceptional cutting life and the possibility of dedicated 3D profiles and chipbreakers Even the most difficult materials such as graphite, glass-fibre reinforced plastics (PTFE), polycarbonate with a high risk of delamination, and many others, can be advantageously machined using polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts sharpened according to […]

Technical Support

Technical Support As a manufacturer of special tools, no accessory is too outdated for us. We leave it up to the customer to decide whether they want to change the equipment on the machine or have us supply it, for example: wideners with Morse taper attachment, milling cutters with taper cone attachment, help it to […]

Rack machining

Fresa tangenziale speciale con inserti profilati

Rack machining Special tangential milling head with profiiled inserts Rack machining Also in the production of racks, unfortunately, difficulties will sometimes be encountered. With us the customer can clearly state his requirements in order to choose the most correct solution together. The aim is to simplify the work process in order to achieve the following […]

Technical Support

Technical Support Technical Support With us, the customer can estimate which type of tool holder to choose. We leave it up to the customer to consider whether he wants to replace the machine-tool adapter or rely on us who can provide him with, for example, drills with Morse taper connection, milling cutters with Morse taper […]